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About Us

Antler Art isn’t just a business… this has grown into a family affair of horn hunting together and having the much needed help when it comes to running our booth at the shows where we take our furniture and art. 

Family values. Dedication. And a passion for making beautiful and unique works of art from nature. 

Hand-Crafting Works of Art

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if a horn is real or manufactured. There are some companies that find one perfect horn, copy it to mold, and fill it with synthetic material for mass production.

These imitations may look real, but I guarantee … once you’ve seen furniture built with 100% authentic antler from the great outdoors, you’ll know the difference.


Since I began working with horns as a young teenager, what started out as making simple key chains and cribbage boards for my family and friends evolved into what you see today …  artful craftsmanship in high-end antler furniture and home accessories.

Fair Pricing

Honestly, I’m not sure why other antler furniture makers charge so much, I’ve always been guided by the philosophy that selling more quality furniture for less is a better business … and what people truly appreciate.

Hand made

I hand-craft sturdy, structurally sound furniture and home accessories from all natural material. Each design is inspired by the horns themselves for a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art that’s practical for everyday living.

“I’ve never had an antler piece that got as much attention and compliments as when I got my Whiskey Rack from Antler Art. ” 

This is as authentic as it gets. Excellent craftsmanship, and I have something that no one else has. That’s what I love about Antler Art and More. I’m a customer for life!

Kelly, Sisters OR


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